"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison

About us

Maymer dives into a broad spectrum of things we humans care about through exploration and innovation with the goal of having fun and capturing reality through its fluid digital reflection.


We sat in the office, thinking of domain names, mission statements, and all that.


Someone said, “How about MAY MORE? A possibility to do more and be more? Don’t we all want more from this strange and wonderful thing called life?”
“We do,” I answered, thinking, “What a creative son of a gun. I should say something creative too.”
So I went on:
“Yeah, we embody the Promethean spirit. A desire for improvement and change that makes us constantly redefine our culture, fashion, art, and ourselves.”
“Right,” agreed Veronica, “If we didn’t want anything, we would be still living in caves, hunting and gathering our food. Instead, now we design plant and animal genomes, live in high-rises, and plan trips to outer space”.
“Exactly, guys! You got this”, I said, smiling, “And since we can’t get a suffix more, let’s go for a nordic-german variation of “mer” and settle on Maymer. It will be about wanting more and making it happen, innovation, exploration, and fun in the process”.
“Oh, and instead of using fashion as an endpoint, let’s use it as a set point, a sort of canvas for a broader conversation. After all, the fashion industry produces things that life is lived in, so let’s bring life in!”
“Ok, done,” they said, and that was it.

I’m Martha, the creator of Maymer.

Passionate about the art, design, and stories written by life, I dreamt of a space where fashion, words, and people can come together in a colorful blend.
This digital destination is my humble way of making that happen!


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