"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison

White Shirt, Grey Skirt and Sustainability


We were at the mall walking in and out of magic mirrors, mesmerized by the wonderland of never evergreen garments.

“What are you having?” I asked the photographer.

 “A tiny…

Silk Shirt and Midsummer Night’s Dream


I put a silk shirt on and made coffee. It was weekend, and despite the sharp, delicious bitterness of caffeine part of me lingered between the soft sheets and even sweeter dreams..

What to Wear to a Picnic Birthday Party and What Happened When We Popped the Poppers?


Who doesn’t love picnics! The scent of freshly cut grass mixed with the barbecue smoke, happy chatter, and the blue skies filled with flying frisbees! Picnics are a great occasion to forgo the restraints of formal dinners and cocktail parties. One can eat, drink, run around, and even unnoticeably answer some work emails at the same time!

How to Wear Ethnic Jewelry Without Looking “Too Bohemian.”


Ethnic jewelry gained recognition after the 1967 African collection by Yves Saint Laurent. Although the collection was composed of minidresses in strong colors, embellished with wooden beads, shells, and raffia capes  – YSL managed to turn beaded, feathered, tribal patterns into chic haute couture looks.

Long Sweater Coat for Moody Nordic Weather.


Although the summer is officially here, that doesn’t necessarily mean constant sunshine – especially in the Nordics! Long sweater, or the boyfriend’s arm still come in handy to keep warm!

The sun twinkled between the buildings and trees as I was passing them on the way to Maridalen – a picturesque valley located north from Oslo. The valley stretches just above the suburb of Kjelsås, and it is filled with all one can wish for after a busy week in the city…

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