"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison
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Thoughts, Knits and a Day in Sandefjord

This weekend has been wonderful. The nordic rain that usually lurks in the background was nowhere to be seen, leaving sunshine, golden…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Powder Pink Clothes

Today I’d like to show you how versatile and effortless clothes in light shades of pink are. Creating a wardrobe filled with clothes that can be easily mixed and matched while at the same time avoiding buying excessive pieces is a sustainable solution…

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White & Black Total Look

A few colors are more classic than black and white, and total looks featuring blocks of color are always easy to put together…

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Shivering Suckers and Long Sweater

I almost forgot how moody spring in the Nordics is. It has been a year with a long cool summer and not-the-worst winter, so a snowy drizzle in April, followed by icy hail, was like a punch in…

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Yellow Heather

“All that I can tell you about what comes to mind when I think yellow,” said Heniu, “Is when I saw Karianne swipe left on a guy because…”

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White Shirt, Grey Skirt and Sustainability

The fashion world can be strange. And I often found it to be just that. A constant song of style that we tried to remember and get it right..

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Silk Shirt and Midsummer Night’s Dream

I put a silk shirt on and made coffee. It was weekend, and despite the sharp, delicious bitterness of caffeine part of me lingered between the soft sheets and even sweeter dreams…

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A-line Dresses Casual and for Work

A-line dresses are perfect for the summer, I thought, as my overheated mind drifted like a free-flowing raft counting degrees rising on the thermostat and searching for anything that could cool my body.


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