"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison
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Yellow Heather

“All that I can tell you about what comes to mind when I think yellow,” said Heniu, “Is when I saw Karianne swipe left on a guy because…”

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White Shirt, Grey Skirt and Sustainability

The fashion world can be strange. And I often found it to be just that. A constant song of style that we tried to remember and get it right..

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Silk Shirt and Midsummer Night’s Dream

I put a silk shirt on and made coffee. It was weekend, and despite the sharp, delicious bitterness of caffeine part of me lingered between the soft sheets and even sweeter dreams…

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A-line Dresses Casual and for Work

A-line dresses are perfect for the summer, I thought, as my overheated mind drifted like a free-flowing raft counting degrees rising on the thermostat and searching for anything that could cool my body.

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What to Wear to a Picnic Birthday Party? What Happened When We Popped the Poppers?

Picnics are a great occasion to forgo the restraints of formal dinners and cocktail parties. One can eat, drink, run around, play games, talk with friends, and even unnoticeably answer some work emails at the same time.

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Long Sweater Coat For Moody Nordic Weather.

Although the summer is officially here, that doesn’t necessarily mean constant sunshine – especially in the Nordics! Long sweater, or the boyfriend’s arm still come in handy to keep warm!

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How to Wear Ethnic Jewelry Without Looking “Too Bohemian.”

Reinterpretation of the exotic and celebration of the beauty of ethnic dress presents ample opportunities for creating new styles.

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Simple Monochromatic Look Inspired By Men’s Wardrobe.

Let me tell you a story about men’s wardrobe. It begins with… a shirt and pants. End of story! And that my dear people is a great scenario to start a day, especially if it is a busy one!


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