A-line Dresses Casual and for Work

AA-line dresses are perfect for the summer, I thought counting degrees rising on the thermostat and searching for anything that could cool my body.

The term A-line was introduced by Christian Dior to describe the spring collection of 1955.
As mentioned by Vogue, the A-shape given by narrow shoulders and a smooth, trumpetlike flare toward the hem became the “most wanted silhouette in Paris.” The idea was later popularized by Yves Saint Laurent, who, three years later, in the spring of 1958, introduced a “Trapeze Line.” The Trapeze Line featured dresses flaring out dramatically from a fitted shoulder line, making A-shape outfits beautifully voluminous and distinct.


In case someone is a fan of a minimalistic wardrobe or runs from event to event and wonders what dress could attend them all from 8 am to 8 pm – I’m listing the utilitarian charms of A-line dresses!


1 A-line dresses are timelessly elegant

A little black dress became the fashion world’s icon as one can basically live a whole life in it. The same is true with an A-line dress. It is timeless, easy, simple, and elegant. It never exposes too much of the skin and is appropriate for almost any occasion.


2 A-line dresses are easy to style

Not like other dresses, the ones in an A-line shape are very easy to style. They go well both with winter boots, as well as stilettos or flats. I love that characteristic as one can achieve a beautiful look that, in a moment, can be shifted from casual to elegant with no need to fuss about changing.


3 A-line dresses are comfortable

A-line dresses are very comfortable to wear. They are airy, perfect for the summer, and compliment practically all body types. Fingertip length is just right and provides ease of movement needed to swiftly climb office stairs, run to get a cab, or jump through the puddles in style!


4 A-line dresses come in a variety of styles

It is easy to choose a perfect A-line dress for any occasion because they come in a great variety of colors, fabrics, and styles, satisfying practically any personal preference and taste.


5 A-line dresses are sustainable

A-line dresses, because of their simplicity, often don’t require complex manufacturing, dry cleaning, or even worse, a specialistic dry cleaning. They don’t take much space, are incredibly versatile; hence conducive to minimizing the number of clothes one needs to look presentable. They are timeless, meaning that once purchased, an A-line dress can serve for a very long time. All these attributes make an A-line dress an item that can promote sustainable patterns of consumption and use.


6 A-line dresses can boost productivity

Mike Slepian, the author of “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing,” explains that formal clothing helps workers think more abstractly. In contrast, casual clothing helps to think more concretely, which is useful for detailed tasks like writing the code or preparing a product launch. A-line dresses combine the features of both casual and formal outfit and, as such, are not only a comfortable fit for any company culture but according to Slepian – wearing them can also boost performance.


Below you can find my interpretation of a classic A-line dress. I paired it with geometric black pantyhose and chose the mustard color fabric to celebrate the everpresent comeback of the 70 ties.

martha may
martha may headshot
A-line dress in mustard color
best A-line dresses

Designed by me: a simple flared dress in cadi fabric.