"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison
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When The Middle Way Turns Out to Be all Pain and no Gain

I always liked the middle way. It gave me that feeling of having a cookie and eating it. It was partying hard the whole week aaaand passing all the exams so well I got a science scholarship. It was…

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Princess Leia the Fleja

The power of suggestion can make some individuals lucky to gain the confidence to utilize their talents. Princess Leia – Fleja can come at any time in life.

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Shivering Suckers and Long Sweater

I almost forgot how moody spring in the Nordics is. It has been a year with a long cool summer and not-the-worst winter, so a snowy drizzle in April, followed by icy hail, was like a punch in…

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Pantone Blue Party

The time between March and April marks the end of a polar night in Norway and the beginning of a polar day when the sun will seep mercilessly through night hours…

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In the search of the logical formula that could explain the common theme of Valentines stories I asked dr. Hana Ryskawa why it seems people divide romantically by ‘exciting as a cake,’ and ‘uniteresting like stale crackers.’

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In 2021 Instead of Your Bliss, Follow Your Blisters!

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M.M & A.K Christmas 2020 Story

Christmas is more than just a day in December- for this Christmas might as well be the only one we remember…

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The Making of Maymer 2

Do I start to regret that I treated Web design exactly the same as I treat fashion design- just flying high on my wild carpet of creation? Yeah, maybe, but not really because I love it…


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