Ivar Halvorsen the Place Where the Smell of Jasmine and Salty Breeze Meets That of Freshly Baked Bread

SSummer is coming up, and that means one thing - escaping the city! Rooftops, gardens, parks, and beach towns are where we like to look for shadow!

Sandefjord lays roughly 40 minutes drive west from Oslo. It is a small and charming town filled with traditional wooden buildings, some of which are over a hundred years old and cost more than a modern apartment overlooking the sea. The feeling of architectural nostalgia doesn’t come cheap there. Due to its spectacular, one of the longest and easily accessible coastlines, Sandefjord earned itself a cute nickname of the Hamptons of Oslo. I must admit that there is something to it as, during summer months, the region oozes the atmosphere of tranquility and leisure. Wherever one looks, the sunlight reflects from white houses, and ever-present sea, glimmering in open space that is scarce in the city. Trees, hedges, and flowers fill every corner so much so that on the evening walk, one can smell the jasmine carried sweetly with the salty breeze. Additionally, the region is filled with scenic hills covered with old oak trees, so the casual stroll can pass for a hike and help to keep in shape.


I have a couple of favorite spots in that little town, and today I will show you one located just a few minutes away from the shore where the flowery scent of jasmine gives place to that of freshly baked bread.

millennial woman standing next to bakery window millennial woman fashion model posing next to ivar halvorsen bakery

Moving towards the town center, through peaceful streets, space opens up to a Platz with an old, moss green fountain and Ivar Halvorsen bakery that looks like taken straight out of Christian Andersen’s children’s book.

ivar halvosen bakery sandefjord christian andersen fairytale

Looking around, you could see how beautifully the creamy white walls contrast with the sky and cerulean crossheads decorating the windows. And if you stopped and relaxed, you could even feel how wind joyfully carries around tiny, ice-cold droplets of fountain water and hear fuchsia pink flowers buzzing with bees flying by.

With these idyllic surroundings, I always suspected that handcrafted goods from the Ivar Halvorsen bakery might be baked by some nordic fairies and trolls. I wish I could show you some of it, but since the place closed before I got there and we can’t sharpen our sweet tooth, the only tooth left to sharpen will be that fashion and architecture related.


Designed by me: fuchsia crêpe de chine top with a boat-shaped neckline.
Ice blue sweater with irregular front and white and silver threads.

ivar halvorsen fountain sandefjord hot norwegian millennial woman, ivar halvorsen bakery