"There is a way to do it better. Find it."
Thomas Edison
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Hytteliv – mountain freshness, smoke, fire heat, and togetherness not interrupted by technology and distractions. It recalled the closeness..

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The Things Friends Say

“Guys! Why are you referring to your Tinder dates as if they are some Tamagotchi? A lizard? A hamster? What is wrong with you?!” asked John…

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Dave Tsung’s Good Backup Practices: The Current Economy Requires Us To Be Flexible, So I Have 3 Backup Jobs, 2 Backup Girlfriends, and I’m Working on Backup Citizenship.

Years ago, the idea of backing up usually referred to unanimated objects like documents or computers. Now it becomes progressively applicable in regards to our lives.

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Daniel Lismore: My Life May Not Be Like Yours Because I Never Lived as Daniel Lismore, The Person.

Fashion is an industry with a unique quality of highlighting the process of self-exploration. And just like with all areas of human life, some people like to explore more than others.

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Caroline Omberg: “We Can Be Anything.” Singer, Writer, Speaker, and Social Debater Active in Childcare Politics Talks Music.

Caroline Omberg uses her experience as a former stripper, erotic actress, and burlesque dancer to talk about emotional intelligence, and music.


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