5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Powder Pink Clothes

SSummer finally came to Oslo, which allowed us to switch to lighter clothes

  Sweaters are still welcomed as a top layer to protect from unexpected northern winds, but other than that, it was enjoyable to drop the weight of heavy coats and jackets and feel the breeze on the bare skin. In June, most of us living here were like sun-hungry lizards coming out of the caves to warm the bones and get some color on pale cheeks!

Today I’d like to show you how versatile and effortless clothes in light shades of pink are. Creating a wardrobe filled with clothes that can be easily mixed and matched while at the same time avoiding buying excessive pieces is a sustainable solution both for your wallet and the planet. Below I’m highlighting the advantages of clothes in light shades of pink.


1 Powder pink is an excellent alternative to well-known staple colors like white or grey.

Getting a powder pink shirt instead of a white one can provide a little more variety and fun in your wardrobe without changing the function of style- a powder pink shirt can be easily worn to the office just like the white one.


2 Just like white or grey powder, pink is a great natural canvas that helps to accentuate other details of your outfit.

Jewelry, shoes, colorful sweaters, and jackets will stand out more against calm light colors.


3 Powder pink also looks creative despite being classic and calm.

Worn with a grey or navy suit, it can provide a fresh look without compromising a professional appearance.


4 Light pink clothes never go out of fashion.

Pieces in strong colors or patterns may come and go, but earthy natural colored garments will be suitable for a decade or more. Sustainable indeed.


5 Powder pink color fits very well with most skin tones.

And its rosy, cheerful shade does a great job distracting from a tired appearance. So after an all-nighter, a dress or shirt in a light pink color is a lifesaver.


There are more reasons why clothes in light shades of pink work, but I hope the ones listed above can help you organize your closet and plan future purchases to include easy-to-style pieces that last.
As it comes to the dress I’m wearing today- it has a comfortable classic silhouette that can be worn both with sports shoes for a casual look or with heels or ballerina shoes for a more elegant look.