Thoughts, Knits and a Day in Sandefjord

WWhat a pleasant moment to find myself writing here again.

Words can be erratic at times- going missing when we have the most to say—or showing up plentiful when silence would be the best option. Nevertheless, some came in a good balance to me on this 10th of October.


I spent the summer contemplating, studying, and witnessing with awe the power of life, its course, and the mysterious dance that humbles me day by day. Since July, I have been taking some time to reflect on all the experiences, professional and personal, that I encountered. The people I met and the lessons I learned. I felt like I went to the limits that I never thought existed. They made me question values, creativity, and purpose, blending them in a cauldron full of surprises. For a while, I felt like an onion that was peeled layer by layer. I shed so many layers of ego that I thought I could disappear. It was the weight of what people think, the weight of expectations, the weight of guilt, fear, indecision. I’m still exploring these spaces enjoying the lessons of mindfulness, learning, and reflecting, and will probably share with you my thoughts soon. Meanwhile, there’s my weekend trip to Sandefjord, where 400-year-old wooden houses take us back in time, and the outfit that could be fashionable probably just as long;)

This weekend has been wonderful. The nordic rain that usually lurks in the background was nowhere to be seen, leaving sunshine, golden reflexes, and colorful leaves dotting the trees. It would be a waste to spend a day like that in town, so a couple of friends and I drove one hour south to Sandefjord- a charming little beach town.
The autumn was already in full swing, but the sun was so warm that a wool sweater and a dress were truly enough to stay comfortable.
I’m a big fan of riding-like boots as one can freely explore, walk in the mud and be ready for anything- but my feminine side loves the dresses, so I found the combination of the two perfect. The looks that combine sturdy shoes and something more elegant or delicate are great because of their utility and fashionable contrast.

To make the whole outfit foul proof, let’s not forget a sweater. I think warm, voluminous knits are the best, so there is enough coverage when needed. Letting you on a secret- such sweaters, because of their volume, are not only very cozy but can also be used as pillows and blankets. A few impromptu picnics would be less comfortable if I weren’t wearing a 1,5 square meter “sweater.”


With that said, today’s recipe for autumn adventure in style is:


Boots – so there are no limits on what one could do- from going hiking to grabbing a drink after- boots never limit the fun.
Dress – because since we can wear it, why wouldn’t we? The mid-length is the best to combine with boots.
Oversized Sweater – to keep warm and provide some structure to the outfit. The sweater can be draped, closed or open, or worn over the shoulders.

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall.

Maymer design: oversized wool-bled sweater