White & Black Total Look

AA little update!

This story comes a bit late as I spent some time restructuring the content. I decided to separate fashion posts where I show my designs from the posts that focus on creative writing. I hope this will bring more pleasure interacting with the site and some added value in sharing my style tips. I’m not a hyperactive shopper that chases the latest trend, so I will gravitate towards things that last and are comfortable but far from boring.


As you may perhaps know, I like the classic style because it is sustainable, lasts longer than seasonal fashion whims, and frees the mind when it comes to wondering what to wear. A few colors are more classic than black and white, and total looks featuring blocks of color are always easy to put together. Black and white is lovely for practically any occasion, and depending on the fit- the outfit doesn’t have to be bland.


Mixing textures and fits adds character and gives a lot of freedom without the risk of going overboard.

Have a look…and don’t throw away that old white sweater. I still have mine…10 years and counting;)

martha may wearing white sweater oslo nature meadow with red grass
martha may white skirt and golden grass

Maymer design: white oversized cotton blend jacket