Simple Monochromatic Look Inspired By Men’s Wardrobe.

LLet me tell you a story about men’s wardrobe. It begins with... a shirt and pants. End of story! And that my dear people is a great scenario to start a day, especially if it is a busy one!

How often do women experience the feeling of having nothing to wear despite having so many clothes that they don’t even know what exactly do they own?

It must be pretty often as that situation became a cliché and reason for jokes.


But anything that hinders comfort or efficiency taking the precious time for unnecessary fuss should not be taken lightly. With that said, I often envied men that they have only four main choices – pants, shirts, polo, blazer. There is not that much variation in these elements, and they can be mixed and matched like perfectly designed lego blocks.


Women’s fashion is a bit different. Having so many beautiful body parts that can be dressed or exposed, designers push the bounds of imagination, which results in 20 different skirt types, in which case every single one has a different use.


A micro, mini, midi, maxi, to start with the multitude of the skirts lengths. A skirt with ruffles and volume or pencil skirt, one in the shape of a circle or trapeze, the list could go on for quite some time. And while most women probably wouldn’t like to give up these choices, the simplicity of the men’s wardrobe can still be inspiring.

For me, that inspiration rises proportionally to the lack of time, so today I forwent the opportunity to wear floral prints and the multitude of colors choosing just black and white.
Similarly to the buildings in the background, I combined the simplicity of color with the diversity of texture for a more lively look.


There is also one more element making the look „lively,” which is my fluorescently ginger hair.


It is not my natural color, but that is what happened after channeling the love for color experiments through the hands of the madly talented hairdresser. The colors he mixes in his magic cauldron got so complex, the order of applying them so mysterious that every time I skip the appointment, there is some evil magic that goes on on my head. And it is so cleverly designed that the color changes depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it is the sun; other times, chlorine or shampoo that alter the pigment. I never really know what will happen. So between the visits, I went through poetically sounding hair colors like moss green with silver shine and dijon-butterscotch yellow. This time it is carrot ginger, with golden apricot reflexes.



hot norwegian woman wearing gucci black and white shawl, millennial woman
martha may wearing black nd white gucci outfit martha may fashion model wearing monochromatic shawl
martha may wearing black and white outfit next to oslo opera martha may, black and white gucci outfit
millennial woman wearing black and white gucci outfit read-head martha may fashion model

Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

Karl Lagerfeld