“Some things will never change,” rapped 2Pac. That’s what we thought, too, on our way there. But as I heard Patricia scream, I knew that things wouldn’t be the same.

I“I will pick you up! So you won’t be able to escape”, laughed Patricia.

– “Why would I ever escape dinner with you, Pati?! If anything, we should go out more often!” I said.

– “I know I’m super hungry!”

– “California Salad as always?”

– “Totally! And knowing you, you’ll have either soup or stuff yourself with pie!”

– “You know me!”

– “Yep, see you soon!!” she chirped and suddenly hung up.


The night was chilly, and the sky was denim blue.

We arrived at Weranda, owned by our college friend Jan. The place gained recognition for its ever-changing custom decorations designed by the students from the Academy of Fine Arts, and delicious salads served in the head of the lettuce. The menu brings to mind a typical French bistro. It consists of easy-breezy baguettes with various cheeses, hams, and greens, seasonal soups, well-composed salads with signature sauces, pasta dishes, and delicious homemade pies.

But more than for the food, Patricia and I like to go to Weranda for the feeling of sweet nostalgia. We used to go there so often as teenagers that sometimes the place doubled as a library where between dinner and a pie we would study or read books. I must admit that the yellowed pages of Schopenhauer’s aesthetics were much easier to digest with my best friend’s company and a sugary treat on the side.

– “So, what is it going to be today?” the waiter asked.

– “California salad and Prosecco.”

– “Pie and jasmine tea.”

– “We no longer have California salad.”

– “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!” screamed Patricia in panic.

– “It is no longer on the menu… I’m sorry.”


I was glad to have my phone on, as I managed to snap a pic of Pati’s face when she heard the news.

– “Nooo! I ate it since I was a kid! It gives me comfort. Can I order a different salad and customize it, so it’s the same as California?” implored Patricia.

– “Yes, we can do this. Spanish salad is very similar.”

– “Oh ok, I see it. I guess that would have to do…”

Yeah, sometimes the sudden lack of something can catch us by surprise. Nevertheless, even when forced to choose something available promptly at the moment, don’t forget to negotiate every ingredient to get the maximum of what you have an appetite for.